How to pre-sell your online courses to save your time

It is heartbreaking when you spend your time, effort and resources to create an online course and it ends up not selling.

Not everyone has experienced this heartbreaking situation before, but if you have experienced it, you should know how sad it is to experience such situation.

But what if there is a way to avoid creating online courses that later becomes waste and loss. It is called pre-selling.

Here you will learn how to pre-sell your online courses to save your time.

Before I teach you how to pre-sell online courses, I want to give the advantages of pre-selling courses before creating it.


Pre-selling is a popular concept.  Various organizations and individuals pre-sell their products and services before even creating them. With pre-selling, you would be able to validate market demand upfront before even investing time, effort and resources to create the products or services.

Now that we have talked about the advantage of pre-selling courses let’s talk about how to pre-sell your online courses


  • You need to decide to presale and then find audience bad points. You might be skilled, and you want to create a course that would help your students. But how do you make sure you are creating a value-adding course. How are you sure that your audience will love the course? You don’t need to crack your brain. All you need to do is just to observe your audience. If you begin to notice the same bad point with all the audience, then that is what you should work on.


  • You should launch a pilot course. A pilot course is the first version of a course that you want to improve. The pilot course would determine how successful the real will be. If the pilot course doesn’t work, then the whole course should be scrapped.


  • Sell your pilot course. The price of your pilot course should be lower than the price of the normal course. Since the pilot course is not the full version of the course, it should not cost much. As you improve the course, you can increase the price.


  • Pre-sell your course. Although it seems crazy trying to sell something that you haven’t created, but trust me, it is very reasonable. It is better to pre-sell than to have a wasted course no one would buy.


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