Online Stores to Buy Trendy Earrings From

Take a quick look at Instagram and you will notice that earrings are taking over in all style and jewelry feeds. There are so many beautiful dangling earrings that can brighten any outfit and add a certain flare to your look. Now more online stores are introducing their own line of earrings that are not only trendy but will also gather the envy of all your friends. Below is a list of all the noteworthy online stores that you should check out. These websites have the best earrings that the web has to offer and you will be tempted to buy more than one pair.

  1. Matthew and Melka

This brand has been gaining followers and generating buzz in Manila for their simplistic and elegant designs. Ken Samudio is the designer behind Matthew and Melka and he specializes in floral jewelry which is back in vogue. The earrings are also being sold internationally and were recently featured at a fashion show on a runway in New York.

  1. Whim

As the name suggests, this page caters to all your earring whims. You can buy any type of frilly earrings to match your outfit. There are also earrings with fringes that give a bohemian chic look to whoever is wearing them.

  1. Lilyjewelry

Lily Jewelry offers earrings in the form of hoops or studs with dangling things. Their designs are also based on flowers and you can buy beautifully crafted buds to rose petals and fully blossomed daisies. The designs are unique enough to create a statement to whoever is wearing them.

  1. Anika

If you have trouble finding the type of earrings that no one else wears but everyone will appreciate then you should check out Anika. They have designs which are very colorful and the designs are ethnic which you can mix and match with your everyday look.

  1. Seektheuniq

The jewelry pieces at Seek the Uniq are so dazzling that they are bound to make you fall in love. From dainty earrings to big statement pieces they have them all. The designer uses feathers and tassels to create amazing designs that can be worn by anyone.

  1. Neree Jewelry

Neree Jewelry has earrings that can add the finishing touch to your best outfit. They create designs out of thread, feathers and other delicate items. You can check out their online store for all designs and details on the prices.

  1. Bebitas

For those women who want earrings in all colors and sizes, Bebitas has a wide collection on all type of dangling earrings that can satisfy anyone’s desires.

  1. Heyjow

This online jewelry store has so many beautiful designs and they are all available in tassel or pompom forms. These earrings are popular amongst women for their bright designs and attractive colors.

  1. Hey Friday

The name is as funky as the designs. They have sophisticated pieces for the older customers and contemporary designs such as emojis for the younger generation.

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